The Heavenly Marriage Bureau


“There must be some mistake”. Angel Michael leant over his computer terminal, frowning.  Angel Gabriel came over to have a look. “He wasn’t supposed to die for another 35 years, after 35 years of happy marriage”.

He glanced at Michael with some concern.  “That puts the kibosh on Marlene’s marriage”.

Michael sat down at his terminal worry setting hard on his features. “That shouldn’t have happened. Mistakes like that cannot happen. Anything else… but death is irreversible”.

Gabriel returned to his terminal. He stared. “I don’t believe it – I’ve been sacked”.


“I’ve been sacked”.

“That’s not possible”. Michael tapped a computer key.  It was now his turn to stare. “I’ve been sacked too. What does it mean?”

They heard a cough and turned to the doorway. There, horns framed in a cozy glow, dapper suit and an official looking briefcase stood a handsome devil .

“I’m afraid you’ve been down-sized boys. So if you would just vacate my office pronto”.

The Angels looked at each other. “Hostile takeover” they mouthed.

“Move!”  The devil roared  and the Angels exited in a blur of light. They were later seen crying on a distant hillside.

Meanwhile, back at their dispossessed computer terminal the new manager of the not so heavenly marriage bureau was getting down to business with great enthusiasm.  Working like the devil you might say. He was searching the male data base. “Gottit” he said with satisfaction as an eerily beautiful man with soulful eyes appeared on the screen.  “One of our own”. He started humming “devil in disguise”.  “Grade A plus psychopath. Pimp and recruiter of prostitutes.  Marlene, I have just found the man of your dreams to comfort you after the tragic loss of your fiancé. Sad accident that “, he cackled. He hit the select button to put events into motion, and called up the financial page on the other screen.  “£100,000 per annum to the agency, for the next five years, then terminate”.  He glanced at the portfolio photo of Marlene holding hands with her late fiancé and smiling. He sent it to trash. He brushed his hands with a sigh of satisfaction. “The trouble with Angels is they don’t know how to run a business”.


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