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ChinHooi Ng's Poetic Notes

Santa Claus,

shouldering the mission of love,

walking in the direction of the floating winter snow,

he’s traveled everywhere,

issueing big red packages,

the holy soul of the moon,

wandering in the wintertime,

blessings of love,

bringing joy and good fortune,

the flame of love burning,

the light of life,

a smile and kindness,

warming the Christmas time,

festive atmosphere difusing,

into streets and back lanes,


breath of holidays rendering,

a jubilant scene,

colorful store windows encrusted ,

with merriness of Christmas,

Christmas trees wrapped,

with blurred colored lights,

dynamic feelings surging,

in this joyous evening,

faith and conviction,

demonstrating boundless energy,

happiness and smile roam,

the faces of children,

felicity rippling ,

humor rising,

hearty laughter reverberating,

a theater of dreams,

of vague colorful wishes,

sweet refreshing music resounding,

snowflakes costuming landscapes,

Christmas festooning icy memorable moments,

spires of pines and cypresses,

gilding the countryside,

lamps and candles,

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