Blessed Christmas Tragedy.

Reblogged with kind permission

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A bustling hospital.
An unexpected arrival.
A frigid Christmas eve.

I am working with another patient
when fate collides us.

“Sorry father,” I hear him say,
“you can no longer live with us,
but here’s a nice doctor
who will find you a home.
Merry Christmas, daddy.”

Pretending not to notice your son’s
as you plead for him to stay,
I choke down the anguish
and proceed to examine you.

Bound to the prison of your seat
scared and bewildered
you look so lost.

You ask why,
what you did wrong,

not fully comprehending the chaos surrounding.
I sigh deeply as I search within for an
answer that will never come.

Taking your hand into mine,
looking into your frightened eyes,
“It’s going to be okay,” I promise.

But come evening it’s not okay-
you can’t sleep, you won’t eat,
and the only voice I hear is the
sound of muffled…

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