Far from the couch

Reblogged with kind permission.

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I’ve been recovering from a torn ACL and today was a big day for me.  I made it down my front steps from my porch to the sidewalk.  I went down all seven steps.  Made my way back up them too.  Funny, spending so much time just sitting.  Makes me think of being out on a trip… that last hour in the day… you’re not at camp and you know before any slowing down you still have a few miles to go.  Camp will feel so good.  Just to sit. It would be amazing.  Yet you can’t; you are not at camp and you are not on a couch.

My story starts very far from my couch, very far from any couch.  We were at mile 22 of our 24-mile push.  Dark and cold—it was about ten at night and the thermometer only read a few degrees above zero.   The…

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