The Goddess of the Sea

In olden times there was a Sultan who kept many beauties in his harem. He had so many he did not care for any of them, and if a girl offended him in the slightest way she would be placed in a sack weighted with rocks, and thrown into the sea.

On one occasion not enough rocks were used and the sack floated underwater and was caught by a sea current and washed up on the shore of a neighbouring island. Some poor fishermen, mending nets on the beach found it, and curious, opened it .

They stared at the naked beautiful girl with amazement. Unlike their own swarthy, dark haired women, the girl’s skin was the colour of ivory and her hair like wheat rippling in the sun. Her clear blue eyes stared at them.

“She is a goddess” one said.

The others nodded solemnly, and with great respect returned her to the sack, re-weighted it with rocks, and returned her to the sea.

The fishermen went home and told their wives, who went down to the beach to look at the sea whence the goddess came. At night in the tavern the fishermen re-told the story to each other striving to understand the mystery that had disturbed their quiet lives. The story spread and strangers started to call at the village where the beautiful goddess had emerged from the sea, clothed only in her long, sun-blessed hair. They nodded wisely at the ignorant fisher folk and said she must have been the daughter of the sea-king, and their village was blessed.

As the story spread, re- told by many mouths and wondering hearts, the fact that the girl was dead was omitted, and the legend grew of the beautiful goddess who had emerged living from the sea.

Eventually the story reached the Sultan, but he stayed schtum. He did not want  people to know the fate of their daughters in his harem.


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