The Secret of Their Success


(If you love the story of Cinderella, I suggest you don’t read this. I don’t wish to spoil that story for you.)


I nursed an old man up to his death. Years before he had looked after an old woman as she died. This was the story she told the old man who told it to me.  – the true story of Cinderella. So if you are a child, stop reading now. This story is not for a child’s ears.

Fairy tales sometimes have a grain of fact. Most often they are propaganda, the received version of what happened. Those who spread the false story of Cinderella definitely did not want the ordinary people to know what really happened.

What happened to Cinderella? Well, the clue is in the name “cinders”, what is left after something is burned to a crisp. You got it. That was Cinderella’s grisly fate . The purveyors of the Cinderella propaganda left that in, private joke, cocking a snook at the peasants. But why? What did Cinderella do to deserve such a fate?

At this point I have to reveal the real story, and it is all to do with how the Royal families, the families of kings and princes stay in charge.

There are no greater snobs in the land than the aristocracy and royal families. They are above us. They only marry among themselves. Over generations the results of their intermarriage  becomes obvious. A host of mental and physical defects . Idiocy and insanity are common. At times the degeneracy became so bad that lines of inheritance were in danger of collapse. Healthy bastards, the children of commoner mothers, were hastily legitimised. They were often the most effective rulers, having normal intelligence and up to the task.

In fact, it was one of these legitimised bastards who instituted the Cinderella formula. Helicoptered onto the throne by his sub-normal relatives, he set the best minds of his day to discover why blue blood was so inferior to the ordinary red blood variety. (Do  you know where blue blood comes from? It comes from haemophilia, a recessive gene). Bastards were healthier because princes when mating with commoners chose the best – the most healthy, the most intelligent. The children of the peasants were prime breeding stock.

When the bastard King found out he immediately recognised the problem. The Royal families had to maintain their appearance of superiority by only marrying among themselves. But the best genetic stock in the country was in the peasants. If princes married peasants people would realise they were not superior and their authority would be undermined. While they married among themselves their genetic material deteriorated generation to generation.

So the bastard king instituted the Cinderella  programme and the Royal families and aristocracy have been employing it, secretly, ever since.

The programme works like this. Agents are placed in critical areas of society. Schools, gymnasia and workplaces where the work requires fitness and intelligence. Soldiers are always monitored. When an agent spots a healthy specimen, unusually fit, strong and intelligent, the family tree of that person is researched. If it turns out all the relatives are healthy and intelligent a programme is set in motion to target one of their females as a brood cow. From her earliest age she is persecuted to create the appearance of abnormal psychology. Every attempt is used to damage her emotionally so that no man will want to marry her. When she reaches maturity she is seduced or raped by a man of highest social class available. Now she is disgraced as a whore her family disown her and her child is spirited away and raised in a high social class background – it’s background erased. When the child matures it is married into the aristocracy.

To cover their tracks every member of the original mother’s (Cinderella’s) family are searched out and destroyed, so that no commoner can claim family ties to the ruling class. Also the rulers don’t want these good genes, health and high intelligence spread among the general populace.

And Cinderella? The first woman used in the Royal families secret breeding programme? She was burnt at the stake as a witch. Thus, cinders. Aristocrats have a sense of humour, albeit a perverted one. Her descendants are among the Royal family and don’t know the fate of their ancestor.

How they must have laughed at the generations of children raised on the Cinderella story and imagining that one day they might marry a prince!


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