fifty-nine seconds

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Fifty-nine seconds left on the clock. Fear of seeing the numbers get any closer to zero wakes me up. I look around and notice that I’m on my couch. A deep breath, then a deeper one. The windows in the front of my house face east, giving the early daylight an open invite to rest in my living room. I was not going to fall back to sleep at this point, not after that dream.


It’s grey out today. The sunrays dwell above a ceiling of unbroken clouds. A lack of warmth and slowness in the air signal the approach of winter. Today’s weather would fall between blah and apathetic. Kayak on top of the car, this will be the coldest paddle of the year.

moving blanket

The cedar water moves swiftly between banks, lined with tall pine trees. Scattered tree branches dim the grey light from above.   The water reflects slivers…

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