in truth

Reblogged with kind permission, poojycat.


in truth
my love towards you
doesn’t change
harmonious hearts
will always be unite
in truth 
all shines

in truth 
I honour your choices
I welcome decisions you make
with all my respect
we walk different ways

and even though
it feels like I failed some way
I sense that
all is well

in truth
I did everything I could

I’m ready now
and in peace
I gently release

what doesn’t serve me anymore

for all my actions bring freedom and love
I breathe

in truth
stillness surrounds
wind rests on my cheeks

last night
I told the gatekeeper of my heart
to let in only 
the honest ones

in truth
all shines
healing takes place
the guild melts away
all is well

my soul
free in joy
accepting your happiness for me now

green sweden

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