Dangerous Driver

He joined the queue of traffic leaving the city at 7pm, just as it turned dark. Fifteen minutes later the traffic had thinned and he adopted a steady pace in the middle lane.

“This guy is so boring” said one of the Controllers.

The other nodded watching on his screen. “Very risk-averse”. Said the other . “You could die of boredom watching him”.

“Let’s jazz things up a bit for him”.

The other laughed. “Yes. Let’s”.

Frank glanced at the clock on the dashboard. 7.30. It was 30 miles to the next turn off. He would be home in 40 minutes at this rate.

Suddenly a car on the opposite carriageway zagged across the lanes and mounted the barrier.

“What the …” Frank wrenched on the steering wheel as the car in the fast lane suddenly swerved in front to avoid a collision. Collision avoided, both cars continued on their way.

First Controller sat back in his chair with a sigh of frustration. “Not even breathing fast” he complained.

“Yes, he ‘s a cool one” the second Controller answered .

“Your turn” the first Controller said.

The second Controller, smiling slightly leant forward and adjusted something on his control panel .

Back on the road car horns sounded stridently and the cars ahead of Frank started zig zagging erratically. Suddenly a large black lorry zoomed in front of him coming the wrong way. Frank tilted in his seat forcing the steering wheel over as hard as it would go. He missed the oncoming lorry by inches.

“This guy is just too cool. He’s not even sweating”.

“I can make him sweat” said the second Controller.

Gradually Frank’s car, without him doing anything, started to pick up speed. Frank lifted his foot slightly from the accelerator in order to stay within the speed limit.

“Now he’s starting to sweat” said Number Two, with satisfaction .

“May I?” asked Number One, with a smile.

“Be my guest”.

Another car going the wrong way appeared in Frank’s windscreen. As he wrenched the steering wheel again a black shutter dropped before his eyes. He could feel his car continuing to accelerate.

“Noooooo …..!” he screamed.

The Controllers watched riveted as a Frank’s car met the oncoming car head on and concertinaed into a fraction of its length while the cars behind piled into it.

“What’s going on here!”.

Both Controllers shot to attention as their Boss appeared behind them .

“Just a joke, Sir”.

“78 unscheduled deaths a joke?”

“Most of the victims were scheduled to die within the next few weeks, anyway, Sir. We just speeded things up a little”.

Their Boss looked at the screen and nodded.

“OK. You get away with it this time, but no more jokes. There are procedures. Understood ?”

“Yes Sir ” the men chorused.

“Phew” exclaimed One. “I never thought we’d get away with it”.

“It was worth it though. Never did like that guy Frank. Too damn cool”.

One laughed. “Won’t be cool where he’s going “.


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