How to get away with murder without really trying.

(DISCLAIMER Under most jurisdictions it is a serious criminal offence to conceal frame-damage when selling a motor bike.)

The Director of Operations considered the file on his desk. The Analysts indicated the Target’s vulnerability was financial. He lived in a remote rural area where transport was infrequent and expensive. He had just used most of his savings to buy a new motor-bike, to get to work when he found any. Without the bike he couldn’t get to work. Without work he couldn’t afford transport. The logic was straightforward. Get rid of the bike.

Marty was riding between two rows of stationery vehicles, having right of way, when a car shot out of the side road straight in front of him. He was taken to hospital then home where he remained for several days recovering from shock, but otherwise unhurt. The garage told him the frame was damaged and the bike was unsafe to ride. The insurance company paid for repairs, but refused to write off the bike.

He wrestled with his conscience for days, but in the end practicality won. All his savings were invested in the bike. Without transport he faced destitution. He took the bike to another town and sold it, not declaring frame damage, and bought another bike.

Another report appeared on the Director’s desk. He glanced up at the Analyst who had presented the report.

“So our fish got off the hook?” he said.

The Analyst nodded. “The bike could break down in normal use at any time. I wouldn’t want to be on it at 50mph on the motorway. Sir, why not prosecute? It is criminal to conceal frame damage when selling a motorbike.”

The Director glanced towards the open window through which the strains of “You chose a fine time to leave me, Lucille” were coming. He got up and closed the window.

“And have the details of how the accident happened and why the insurance company refused to write off a badly frame damaged bike examined in Court? And expose our operatives?

The Director shrugged.  “Open another file. We’ll just have to make sure the right person buys it”.


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