Guilt by association, and association, and association …

OR – What the spy agencies are really doing with your money.


Upper class champagne socialist political dilettante, in the sixties, who likes to attend protests for this, that and the other. Y’know, the social class where the police response is “Yes, meLud, no meLud, three bags full meLud, anything else I can help you with?”


A student moves into a house share with her. He smokes grass, occasionally. Now listed as – DRUG ADDICT, DRUG PUSHER.


Finishes Uni, moves away. Girlfriend moves in with him. She doesn’t smoke anything. No drugs. Just – a person. She is now listed as – DRUG ADDICT, DRUG PUSHER, PROSTITUTE. Weirdos start hanging around their flat. Frightened in their own homes, and frightened what it is doing to their house prices, with those drug pushers and prostitutes living next door, the neighbours sell up quickly, at a loss, and overnight their houses are converted into luxury apartments, charging joke rents.


Girlfriend moves away. Begins a relationship with another man. Now the busy bees get very busy indeed. The employer, the landlord, the family, the friends, are all scrutinised for their wealth potential. The landlord loses his house, and his family their inheritance.  The employer loses his business and his family their inheritance. A friend, an elderly lady, loses her house. Friends die, and their businesses are sold at a loss. People die, wives, husbands, and, mysteriously, their wealth has vanished. Everyone is running scared. They think they are helping the security services.

They are, but not in the way they think.

A pyramid. First one, then two, then four, then eight, then sixteen, 32, 64, 128. Multiplied by the years that pass.

It will not end until all the wealth in the country belongs to the elite, and nothing to anybody else.

Prove me wrong.